Take Away

by Nicole

A takeaway with a difference – homecooked, nutritious and with a conscience 

The luxury of delicious home cooked food with all the convenience of a takeaway with our regular takeaway service.

We offer a range of different tasty dishes depending on the season and what inspires us, with sides that have been carefully thought about to complement your meal. We are also able to offer a takeaway for those following a slimming club plan so no one has to miss out! Check back here for dates and menus.

And because Scone Well takeaways are different expect us to help you eradicate single use packaging from your takeaway experience. All dishes are currently offered in reusable, recylable or compostable packaging. But we’re just as happy to use your dishes to serve your food in. Just contact us to ask how this works. And keep your eyes peeled for our dish hire option where you use our dish to transport your meal and return it. We’re working on it. DUE TO COVID 19 WE HAVE HAD TO POSTPONE OUR REUSABLE PACKAGING SERVICE. WE ARE ALSO UNABLE TO USE DISHES FROM YOUR OWN HOME AT THIS TIME.

Friday June 26th

Missing out on your Greek holiday, then let us bring the flavours of Greece to you. Authentic Greek dishes to enjoy at home. Enter your postcode to see if we deliver in your area.


Tender chicken pieces in Greek marinade. This family favourite gives kids the opportunity to build their own flat breads with the flavours they love. £8.00


Lentils, aubergines and onions infused with the Mediterranean flavours of thyme, oregano and sweet tomato. Topped with a ricotta and parmesan sauce. £9.50


Sweet and delicious lamb infused with oregano, garlic and lemon. This dish is marinated overnight before being slow cooked to melt in the mouth.

Tzatziki with Flatbread


Hummus and Flatbread


Greek Potatoes


Greek Salads



An intensely rich pastry with orange blossom nuts and honey £5.00

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Please speak to us before ordering if you have any allergies or dietary requirements.

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