Happy Friday!

by Nicole

Happy Friday everyone! It’s also the last day of term for many. Tonight, we are making the Italian classic, Melanzane Parmigiana. Beautiful in colour, versatile and in season, the aubergine is the star of the show of this delicious, rustic dish. This dish can easily be adapted by using vegan or vegetarian parmesan cheese or even using pecorino for a tangy flavour. This dish evokes memories of outdoor summer dining. I love mine with a simple green salad, and of course, lots of Sangiovese.

I’ve also been busy making several orders of homemade chocolate spread. Made with roasted hazelnuts this spread has a much nuttier flavour than those available in the supermarkets. I use fair trade cacao powder and sugar and it contains no palm oil. It’s a firm favourite in our house. In fact, I had to stop my eldest digging in to the jars ready for customers!  What ever you are eating this weekend – enjoy.

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