Lunches & buffets

by Nicole

Here at Scone Well we love a good lunch! We offer a range of fresh salads and wraps and savouries as well as hot food choices. Please see the list below for some of what we offer. If you have something else in mind we would be delighted to tailor a menu to suit your needs. Call us to discuss this weeks selection. Minimum numbers apply to some items.

Light Lunch platter from £7.50 per head

Freshly made seeded & wholemeal bread sandwiches filled with a selection of the following: egg mayonnaise with cress, mature cheddar cheese & chutney, homemade hummus & grated carrot, pesto chicken salad, ham salad.

Hungry Lunch platter from £12.00 per head

Sourdough and wholemeal rolls freshly made sandwiches filled with a selection of seasonal and freshly prepared fillings: Mature cheddar and spring onion, egg mayonnaise & cress, ham salad with dijonnaise, pesto chicken salad, beetroot hummus with goat’s cheese.

Posh crisps

Scones cream & jam

Brownie & cookies

Seasonal fruit basket

Special Lunch platter from £19.50 per head

Choose from, smoked salmon & cream cheese, prawn and lemon mayonnaise with black pepper, Roast beef with rocket and horseradish mayonnaise, gammon ham & mature cheddar with mayo, bacon brie and cranberry.  Hummus and grated carrot, Feta and roasted pepper, Cheddar & red onion, Brie, and grape.

Vegetable sticks served with homemade hummus and tzatziki.

Handmade falafel with tahini dip

Roasted Mediterranean vegetable galette

Posh crisps

Selection of homemade cakes (lemon drizzle, coffee & walnut, Victoria sandwich, chocolate brownie)

Seasonal fruit skewers

Grazing table from £24.50 per head

Roasted Butternut, spinach and mature cheddar quiche (GF)

Deli Board:

A mixed board of Parma ham, salami, chorizo, prosciutto, with olives, pickles, and vine tomatoes, roasted peppers, and courgettes.

Cheese board:

A delicious selection of both European and British cheeses, served with celery, grapes, homemade chutney, pickles and crackers and nuts.

Artisan Breads

Sourdough & seeded sourdough wedges, fresh homemade focaccia, salsa, hummus & tzatziki dips


Broad bean pea & mint

Pork & Sage sausage rolls

Beetroot & goats cheese cups

Fresh salads


Cherry tomatoes

Seasonal fruits



Triple chocolate brownie bites

Lemon tart with fresh berries

Celebration buffet from £22.50 per head

Homemade sausage rolls with pork, sage and onion

Roasted Mediterranean vegetable quiche

Charcuterie platter

Mixed cheese board with homemade chutney and pickles

Crudité with homemade hummus and tzatziki

New potato salad

Mixed leaves

Basket of artisan bread

Olives & Crisps

Speciality Salad bowls from £4.75 per head (minimum 10 persons)

Greek salad juicy plump tomatoes, cucumber, olives and red onion with homemade dressing topped with feta

Caesar Salad

Crunchy lettuce, creamy dressing with fresh parmesan shavings and crunchy croutons

Capresse Salad

Ripe vine tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil with olive oil and balsamic dressing

Potato salad

New potato, hardboiled egg, chive, and mayonnaise dressing

Homemade slaw

Crunchy white & red cabbage, sweet carrot & celeriac& spring onion in my signature dressing

Harissa roasted sweet potato salad

Bite size pieces of harissa roasted sweet potato served on a bed of yogurt & coriander

Roasted cauliflower & spiced chickpea salad

Roasted cauliflower, red onions with spiced chickpeas and a zesty tahini dressing


Fish: £1.75 per piece

Minimum 30 pieces of each and maximum of six different canapes

King prawn garlic and chilli lettuce wraps

Smoked mackerel pate on bruschetta with pickled cornichons

Salt and pepper squid with aioli mayonnaise

Smoked salmon blinis with chive crème fraiche and dill

Meat: £2.00 per piece

Mini chicken satay skewers

Mini choux buns with roast beef, horseradish and rocket

Chorizo and Manchego wraps

Honey & mustard glazed cocktail sausages

Vegetarian and vegan £1.50p per piece


Crostini with pea, broad bean, and mint

Crostini with goat’s cheese, spring onion and honey

Mozzarella tomato and basil stacks with herb drizzle

Spicy cream cheese and micro herb bites

Roasted squash, sage, chilli and chestnut tarts

Beetroot and goat’s cheese cornet

Red pepper & feta tartlet

Goat’s cheese and caramelised red onion tart

Sweet 85p per piece

Mini triple chocolate brownie bites

Whipped cream and berry cones.

Mini meringue with passionfruit and raspberry coulis

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