A love affair with food

by Nicole

Food has always been one of my major passions. For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen. In fact, I distinctly remember my favourite page of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit was the one with the vegetable garden. I found it comforting staring at all the vegetables lined up neatly in rows.

My mum is a great cook and from a very early age my sister would be in the kitchen baking cakes or homemade meals learning how to create dishes from scratch. We still get together at least once a month as a family and enjoy a meal all together. It’s such a sociable thing food. It brings people together and starts conversations.

There are so many nuances to each dish and people have their favourites, go to recipes which they cook time and time again.

So when I cook in the Scone Well kitchen I cook from the heart, they way I like to eat. This weekend I took inspiration from @angelacooking one of my food heroes. I tried a different recipe for my lasagne using skirt beef instead of mince. I also changed the cheeses I used in the sauce swapping Parmesan for Pecorino. Customer feedback was great so that’s now been added to the Scone Well library. What’s your favourite recipe? I’d love to hear from you.

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